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  Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”-Mary Oliver

My dream of becoming a writer began shortly after the invention of the wheel and fire was discovered, at least it feels that long. My earliest publications include a one-act play my younger sister begrudgingly performed with me, in our living room, to an audience that included my parents and – okay, just my parents. I also wrote poetry, and was overwhelmingly impressive with lines such as:

Grass is green, grass is fun, grass is soft when you play in the sun.

Luckily I started to find my voice as I grew older, and in college, studied for a career in journalism. I hold a B.A. in Organizational and Mass Communications.

Before declaring myself a writer, I took a long detour through a 17 year corporate career in human resources, until finding my way here.The years I spent in the corporate world have been invaluable to me. Because of that time, I am a professional, self-motivated, disciplined, well-organized and flexible writer. 

After two bouts of cancer, and a little soul-searching, I left the corporate world in pursuit of a life with no regrets, and returned to where I started. I wrote, “Dear Grace, I hope you don’t get your period in gym class” (please see portfolio page) and started my blog, Mrs. Jones Could Use a Beer

I also started freelance writing for businesses and organizations, and find that my past business experience, coupled with my writing skills, are an optimal fit.

I’d love to tell you about what I do in my spare time “just for fun”, but I’m a mother. I’m just REALLY glad my child is old enough to sleep through the night and dress herself. Truth be told, I do somehow find time to inhale almost every book I come across, I love to travel (and am searching for some way to find an unlimited travel budget), and I’m about as happy as I can be when I’m in my kitchen discovering new things to create.

Originally from the Midwest, I’m now living happily just outside of Nashville, TN with my husband and daughter.


Thanks for stopping by today, if you’d like to connect so that we can talk about working together, please contact me!




  1. Danielle Harju Danielle Harju
    September 23, 2015    

    This is awesome, Jessica! So happy for you. If its okay, I will be following your blog, as I am a mother of a one year old and two teenagers. The two teenagers are my husbands from a previous marriage, so I could use a little bit of advice from your books. 🙂 I hope Grace is doing good! Both of you girls look great! Hopefully talk to you soon <3

    • September 23, 2015    

      I love that you’re following my blog, and it’s so nice to hear from you! Love seeing pics of your sweet baby on FB, she’s absolutely beautiful!

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