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 Sample of a Client White Paper

7 Critical Elements of Understanding the Background Check Process


Office-Cubicals-5205Sample of a Client Press Release   

Press Release-Altegrity Bankruptcy



The Huffington Post

A 10-Day Detox and Other Ways to Hate Yourself

I Love To Watch People Lose

Why have you chosen to be so busy?

9 Ways to Make Spending Christmas with Family Truly Magical

‘Big Magic’ – A Book Review 

9 Fail-Safe Ways to Host a Stress-Free Thanksgiving         

No One Wants You to Be Yourself        

Don’t Let Fear Turn You Into an A**hole

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Confessions of a Worrying Mother                            The 13 Greatest Things About Parenting a 13-Year-Old Girl



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I am the author of Dear Grace, I hope you don’t get your period in gym class, a short, funny read for mothers and preteen girls, available in e-book format for Kindle

Excerpt from Dear Grace, I hope you don’t get your period in gym class.

Mrs. Jones Could Use a Beer

Visit my blog at www.mrsjonescoulduseabeer.com

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You can view much of my work on my blog, Mrs. Jones Could Use a Beer. While I sometimes tackle deeper topics or pose thought-provoking questions, as you will see, I largely don’t take myself too seriously.


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